What we're up to...

Happy Christmas!

We're visiting family and I (naturally) brought the camera. K wanted to climb Uncle Alex's tree, and in return gave me a wonderful smile.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, with much love from the Hewett's!


Xmas Dress 2014


Katherine's school did their Christmas program this afternoon and she was gracious enough to let me get a picture beforehand.  She initially didn't want to but warmed to the idea after I suggested she stand on the dining table (we had really great light streaming in the window at the time), on the condition that we “can't tell Mom” ;)


Couple quick shots (very quick...more on that below) of Joe tonight, and managed to get this shot. I just love his expression - totally looks like he's busting me doing something wrong!

Right, about that quick thing...we just received the new Canon 7D Mark II body as a backUp camera and I was putting it to the test. Once of it's selling points is a whopping 10 frames per second drive mode, that Is clearly aimed at sports photographers. I have a few years before the kids get to that stage, but they certainly keep on the move. Joe definitely qualifies as an 'action' subject... Anyway, Chasing him around with this camera is going to be fun!

Specs: 70-200mm lens at 73mm (equivalent to ~117mm on the smaller sensor of the 7D2) at f/2.8, ISO 1250, 1/100s

Scott & Myria's special day

We had the honor of photographing Scott & Myria's wedding a couple of weekends ago. They had purchased an old house together just outside town and spent quite a while restoring it. Naturally, they had their wedding in this awesome setting!

Given the old style of the house and the awesome lacey dress that Myria wore, I knew well before the ceremony that we had to use the front door as a frame. Jenn had the 'boomstick' flash just to the right of frame, firing directly up into the porch ceiling, which made it a much larger effective source & gave them some perfect, soft light that I just loved. A quick touchup in Lightroom with a sepia preset completed the old-time feel and gives the image a 'timeless' quality. (I did have to wait a couple of seconds to hide a modern pickup truck behind the couple when this shot was taken to preserve that timeless feeling)

Family in the Field

A quick shot from yesterday's family portrait session. 

Scott and Lisa are such a neat couple and we've actually had the pleasure of watching their kids grow up - they have done us the compliment  of calling us back a couple times to do some family photos for them now. 

Lots more to go through, but this one really grabbed my eye. 

K with columbines

Been a while since I've posted here. That's due to a combination of slow times on the photography front and extremely busy on the kids/family/main job front. The kids are both getting over a wicked but (hopefully) quick-moving stomach bug, so I'm not posting any pictures of them from today... I don't even want to see that, but unfortunately, I can't shut off the mental pictures. So here's one of K from a couple weeks ago, in happier, less-vomit-filled times.


Joe Sits For a Portrait

Caught Joe in a very nice mood before his afternoon nap today. Got a couple decent ones, but have already ordered a print of this for the wall at home. Good timing too, as next weekend is Mother's Day… 😉

Technical Details

1/100s, f/4, ISO1600 at ~67mm (24-105mm lens) on the Canon 5D3

Skyline in the early morning

We are knocking around Hong Kong for a couple of says before heading on to New Zealand for a friend's wedding. This time we've left the kids with Grandma & Grandpa, so I was able to bring a little more photo gear, including a tripod. Got up early this morning, so I setup the camera in the window of our hotel and was able to get this 4-minute exposure of just a small piece of the Hong Kong skyline across Victoria Harbor. We were out quite late for dinner last night (Peking duck!) so I missed the laser light show. Hoping to get some decent pics of that tonight.

A new tool (toy?) in the bag

I have been eyeing the Canon 16-35mm lens for a while now, and finally pulled the trigger just after the holidays. It arrived this morning at my office and in a display of amazing patience for me, I didn't even open it until this evening when I got home. Fired off maybe 4-5 tester frames and then found K giving me this awesome pose1 and quickly fired away.


Lens was set to f/2.8 and 16mm, so fully wide open.  I was upstairs and knew I'd be handed a baby shortly, so used Shuttersnitch to transfer it to the iPad, and then touched it up slightly in Handyphoto. Even published it directly from the iPad. I'm still using my desktop computer for bigger editing projects 2 but more and more I find myself reaching for the iPad for editing these single photos.

  1. Damn, I've missed her posing for me! Nice to see her willing to let me take her picture again.
  2. I spent some serious time in Lightroom over the past week, culling and editing shots from our recent trip to the UK and Paris. Just finished my edits and uploaded the book last night and looking forward to receiving the hard copy in a couple weeks. 

Wedding Pic

Quick picture from my cousin's wedding last week: 

Taken with Canon 5DIII, transferred to iPad with EyeFi card & Shuttersnitch app, edited and converted to B&W with Snapseed.

Taken with Canon 5DIII, transferred to iPad with EyeFi card & Shuttersnitch app, edited and converted to B&W with Snapseed.


Wonderful wedding celebrating 2 fun, nice and special 1 people. Definitely in the top 5 best weddings I've ever attended. :)

  1. also, they're both quite short. But good things definitely come in small packages in their case!

Sunrise on the Madison

A good friend and I recently spent a couple days in Yellowstone looking for interesting pictures. Not much in the way of wildlife, despite the rut being on, but we did have a good time. Got up early one morning and did some sunrise photography along the Madison river, near the west entrance to the park, and got a decent shot:


Happy Labor Day!

We busted out the black velvet and the soft box for a quick portrait session during JT's afternoon nap today. Got it all set up with a few shots of him just laying on the velvet while he was drifting off (just like his big sister, the lights didn't bother him at all), then Jenn took over the camera while I hoisted the big guy up into position. She fired off a couple of quick frames and we had a keeper.

Processing notes: I recently picked up an Eye-Fi wireless SD card (in anticipation of taking pics at the hospital and getting them out to friends/family as quickly as possible) and am using that to transfer images directly to my iPad. After listening to the MPU 151 podcast, I also purchased Shuttersnitch for handling the wireless transfer and Handyphoto to do some processing. Handyphoto is all i used for this pic - just a couple spots at the edges (where the edge of the velvet was in the fame and needed some clone-stamp action to remove and a quick B/W conversion was it. Even made this blog post from my iPad. I haven't even transferred the RAW files to my computer yet! Can't wait to do this from our next family vacation - no more dragging a laptop!

A new addition

In my last post, I mentioned that changes were in the works...well, today I'd like to introduce the newest member of our clan, Joseph.

We are excited to meet him, and are looking forward to getting to know him. There will definitely be more pictures of him posted on the blog soon, but for now it's time for him and Mom to rest up a bit.

Flying K

Changes are in the works here at Hewett Photography....but more on that later. ;)


For now, we had an empty bedroom with just a mattress in it - that was a perfect opportunity to expend some of K's excess energy and get some new pictures of her.  I have many of these to choose from.  If I get really inspired, one of these may  appear on a Christmas card this year...

Flying K


Business is picking up recently, with a couple of family portrait sessions booked and a couple more possibilities on the horizon.  I'm excited to get back into doing some different portraits of people other than K.  Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter very much, but it's nice to take pictures of people who have a little longer attention span and take directions... ;)

This is an early edit from a family portrait session we did earlier this week at Zimmerman Park, on top of the Rims here in Billings. Our original chosen day was rained out (mightily!) a couple of days before this, and there was even more rain the day after, but we had a very nice day in between that worked perfectly.  A little (ok, quite a lot) of wind out of the east up there, which made it tricky with their long hair, so I turned them around and used the sun for a rim light.  Key lighting was the 'Boom-Stick' (two speedlights on a monopod, a la Ed Pingol), held up just next to me by Jenn and triggered via PocketWizards. I don't recall the exact settings on the flashes, but I suspect both set to either 1/4 or 1/2 power, at 50mm spread.



Quirky K

Finally got K to agree to pose for some portraits this morning.  Her face is changing again...