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Happy Labor Day!

We busted out the black velvet and the soft box for a quick portrait session during JT's afternoon nap today. Got it all set up with a few shots of him just laying on the velvet while he was drifting off (just like his big sister, the lights didn't bother him at all), then Jenn took over the camera while I hoisted the big guy up into position. She fired off a couple of quick frames and we had a keeper.

Processing notes: I recently picked up an Eye-Fi wireless SD card (in anticipation of taking pics at the hospital and getting them out to friends/family as quickly as possible) and am using that to transfer images directly to my iPad. After listening to the MPU 151 podcast, I also purchased Shuttersnitch for handling the wireless transfer and Handyphoto to do some processing. Handyphoto is all i used for this pic - just a couple spots at the edges (where the edge of the velvet was in the fame and needed some clone-stamp action to remove and a quick B/W conversion was it. Even made this blog post from my iPad. I haven't even transferred the RAW files to my computer yet! Can't wait to do this from our next family vacation - no more dragging a laptop!