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A new tool (toy?) in the bag

I have been eyeing the Canon 16-35mm lens for a while now, and finally pulled the trigger just after the holidays. It arrived this morning at my office and in a display of amazing patience for me, I didn't even open it until this evening when I got home. Fired off maybe 4-5 tester frames and then found K giving me this awesome pose1 and quickly fired away.


Lens was set to f/2.8 and 16mm, so fully wide open.  I was upstairs and knew I'd be handed a baby shortly, so used Shuttersnitch to transfer it to the iPad, and then touched it up slightly in Handyphoto. Even published it directly from the iPad. I'm still using my desktop computer for bigger editing projects 2 but more and more I find myself reaching for the iPad for editing these single photos.

  1. Damn, I've missed her posing for me! Nice to see her willing to let me take her picture again.
  2. I spent some serious time in Lightroom over the past week, culling and editing shots from our recent trip to the UK and Paris. Just finished my edits and uploaded the book last night and looking forward to receiving the hard copy in a couple weeks.