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Scott & Myria's special day

We had the honor of photographing Scott & Myria's wedding a couple of weekends ago. They had purchased an old house together just outside town and spent quite a while restoring it. Naturally, they had their wedding in this awesome setting!

Given the old style of the house and the awesome lacey dress that Myria wore, I knew well before the ceremony that we had to use the front door as a frame. Jenn had the 'boomstick' flash just to the right of frame, firing directly up into the porch ceiling, which made it a much larger effective source & gave them some perfect, soft light that I just loved. A quick touchup in Lightroom with a sepia preset completed the old-time feel and gives the image a 'timeless' quality. (I did have to wait a couple of seconds to hide a modern pickup truck behind the couple when this shot was taken to preserve that timeless feeling)