What we're up to...


Couple quick shots (very quick...more on that below) of Joe tonight, and managed to get this shot. I just love his expression - totally looks like he's busting me doing something wrong!

Right, about that quick thing...we just received the new Canon 7D Mark II body as a backUp camera and I was putting it to the test. Once of it's selling points is a whopping 10 frames per second drive mode, that Is clearly aimed at sports photographers. I have a few years before the kids get to that stage, but they certainly keep on the move. Joe definitely qualifies as an 'action' subject... Anyway, Chasing him around with this camera is going to be fun!

Specs: 70-200mm lens at 73mm (equivalent to ~117mm on the smaller sensor of the 7D2) at f/2.8, ISO 1250, 1/100s