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Met some friends for beer last night and was showing them the DxO One. I'm still very impressed with this thing…

Face of Experience

Face of Experience

This is Jim. He's a colleague at my day job and has been around the oil field a long time. He's got a wealth of experience and also has some of the funniest stories I've ever heard 1

He's also a self-confessed 'gadget guy' so when he stopped by my office this morning I showed him the DxO One. He very nicely allowed me to take (& post) this picture.

  1. Usually about someone barely surviving doing something extremely dangerous and stupid

Back to School

braided beanie

K went back to school this week, sporting a new Christmas present. Her cousin had picked out this Elsa beanie for her (Frozen was a huge hit for K last year) - if you squeeze one of the tassels, the braid pops up…

New Year, New Project

A quick selfie in natural light. 

A quick selfie in natural light. 

More playing with the DXO One. After resisting the call to do a picture-a-day challenge, I think I'm going to try to it this year. I haven't decided yet but I think I'm going to try to use this camera for all the pictures, just to give myself a constraint. Looking forward to seeing what I come up with.