tech tips

A collection of technical tips, tricks and workflows I get asked about. 

Intro to Tech Tips


I'm not a programmer, but I am usually the nerdiest one in my office or circle of friends/family. I'm the guy who gets calls like: “How do I do this ?” 1 In an effort to capture some of these tips, tricks & workflows 2 for future reference, I am adding this separate page to the blog and will be trying to update it somewhat regularly as I get questions or come up with them.



Much of this section will not be specifically related to photography, and most of it will be links to other (smarter/nerdier) people's work. I didn't invent any of this stuff, but I have spent some time researching these tools and if I can be the bridge between those clever folks and my friends/family who could benefit from their work by showing how I have applied it to my own life, I am happy to do so.



Below is my outline for things to cover, currently comprised of apps, hardware and “How-to's”






We are an all-Apple house around here, and I am always looking for the next great app that makes my life a little easier/better/more fun. Here's a sampling of my most used/favorite apps for iOS. Clicking on the app name should take you to that app's page in the iOS App Store.













These are some of the things I do that I get asked about. As I add posts that go into more detail about each one, I will try to update this page with links to that post, so that this page will have links to everything I add to this part of the site.



  • 1Password for security

  • Allow Dropbox to backup your photos from your iphone/ipad. Another backup can't hurt and they give you an extra 3GB of storage for free.

  • RSS. What it is and why/how to use it.

  • Cutting cable. Why I did, and how we've replaced it.

  • VPN. What, why and how

  • Travel photography workflow

  • Using United MileagePlus miles to book seats for family vacations.





Most of these things are not related to photography at all. It's remarkable how many times the task is something I've never even tried. I'm flattered that people keep asking me things. And always excited when I learn something from figuring out the question. 



My thinking is that showing how I am using tools/getting things done will be much more useful than just a listing of what I'm doing.