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This is my most used app, on all of my devices. 1Password is a password generator, but it also serves as a secure module for storing all your personal passwords and more. Why is this important? Well, we live in an ever more connected digital world, and more and more of our information is being stored 'in the cloud', and the crooks are getting smarter about getting to it. 1. Most of my friends/family use a single password for many accounts. I used to do this too, but it is a very bad idea.

Just consider this story.

So < $70 for the family license and putting in the time 2 to change all of our passwords to much more secure ones seems a small price to pay for an extra layer of security. At the very least, I can make our accounts harder targets and encourage the bad guys to move along to someone else, who isn't using 1Password.

UPDATE (2013-10-03):

There's an update available for the Mac out today, 1Password 4. I'd urge you to read detailed the Macstories 3 review. They, quoting a review of an earlier version of 1Password they'd written, probably make the best case for using it that I've heard:

Why Should You Use It?

Because you need to stop using the same password on every website you subscribe to; because you need stronger, unique passwords others can’t guess; and because in doing so you’ll probably want a single app that keeps them all together. That’s what 1Password does: it’a a single app that will let you easily create stronger passwords and store them in an encrypted database that only you can access.

  1. Let's set aside the NSA for the purposes of this discussion. Still not sure how I feel about Mr. Snowden's revelations… 

  2. Getting all your logins & passwords into 1Password will take some time. But you don't have to do it all at once. Take it a few at a time.  

  3. Macstories is one of my daily reads. Federico and the gang over there do some nice work reviewing apps and pushing the boundaries of macs and iOS devices.