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A collection of technical tips, tricks and workflows I get asked about. 

My Mobile Photo Workflow

This is a constantly evolving process, but I've had a few folks ask me how I manage my pictures recently, particularly when traveling. This post will focus on my mobile photography workflow.


Software & Apps

The Process

Basic flow: Shoot pics, transfer to ipad, edit, share.

My Canon 5DIII has both a Compact Flash and an SD memory card slot. When I first got it, I was disappointed by this, as I never liked the SD form factor 2. That changed when I first heard Jeff Carlson talking about iOS Photography on the Mac Power Users podcast 3. He mentioned the Eye-Fi card for moving pics to the iPad and I was sold. 4 Once I got the menu setting on the camera switched to acknowledge the EyeFi's network, I was able to see the wifi network that the EyeFi creates. From there, I open Shuttersnitch, select the appropriate collection (if this is the first time I've transferred pics on a given trip, I will create a new one) and the import process begins.

Once the import has finished, I can easily mark my favorites and save them to my Camera Roll. I then use a combination of apps to edit the photo the way I want, including Snapseed, Camera+ and Handyphoto (amount others).

Final step is sharing the images with family and friends. I do this in a variety of ways:

  • Shared Photostreams
  • Direct email
  • Blog posts
  • iMessage (or text message if recipient doesn't have an iPhone)
  • Etc

That is the basic flow.

  1. I see an iPad Air in my near future (Thanks, Santa!) but this workflow should work regardless.

  2. Honestly, the camera-snob in me always associated SD cards with those cheapo pocketcams. Yes, I have a couple of them and really like the waterproof one I have (especially for beach vacations with the kids), but it never seemed like this was a 'Pro' level card size.

  3. I really enjoy listening to Katie and David, and look forward to this podcast every week. Seriously good stuff for a Mac/iOS user. Check it out.

  4. Previous to getting the EyeFi, I was using a card reader that plugged into the bottom of the iPad. This worked pretty well, but did have an issue reading larger capacity CF cards. This was especially annoying when using my older 5D which only had a single CF slot.